5 Things To Do When You’re Bored

Are you bored? Well, that means you’re boring.

Your inner world has shrunk and you’ve believed that fun should come to you from the outside.

That’s bullshit.


Hopefully it’s not irreversible. Let’s look what you can do to become interesting and therefore interested.


1. Read

Remember those squared things with papers in them? These are books. Grab one.

Without books you live one life. With them you live thousands lives.

Each book is a new perspective on the world. You’ll find out there are millions different perspectives on that odd theater that goes around you and no one knows the truth. Sounds like fun to me.


2. Look

Have you looked at the sky today? There’s a giant fireball for Christ’s sake! How’s THAT boring?

And that’s just one thing. Everything around you is fucking UNBELIEVABLE!

It’s your choice to find it boring. Make another.


3. Ask

There are people around you living their stories. Different from yours. Ask them.

Better questions that „Where have you been on holidays?“ though.

Ask them „What do you think there’s after death? What’s the deja vu for? When are you happy? Have you seen a ghost? An alien?“

Have REAL conversations. Make your small talks big.


4. Be a kid

Remember when you were a kid and you could spend 3 hours playing with a withered branch and a stone?

And suddenly you need an Xbox? Come on.

Be amazed by your own creativity and spontaneity.


5. Create

Stop consuming – that’s what marketers want. Start creating – and you’ll be happier.

You’re not here to work, buy, consume, die.

Fun is something you do, not something you buy.

You have consciousness that can create things that haven’t existed before. If this isn’t fascinating I don’t know what is. Use it. It’s more fun and more satisfying than buying a *fill in any type of crap*.


Make these 3 times a day and you’ll be the interesting, funny, witty person you’ve always wanted to be at the first place.


Because that’s why we are here. To fall in love with ourselves and after that with everything and everyone else.